Effects of tobacco use on animals.

products of plant kingdom.
[Footnote 1: This is confirmed by the use of these organs in infants, including those children whose parents
do not use tobacco. Caspar Hausser, who served entirely on farinaceous food and water, with children aged
Sixteen or seventeen years old, was sick to vomiting walk for "a considerable amount of time on the side of the
tobacco field.]
Dr. Franklin found that an oily material, which floats on the surface of the water, the flow
tobacco smoke being passed to it, is capable, when applied to the language of cats, to destroy the life within a few
Mr. Brodie apply one drop of oil in empyreumatic tobacco cat language, but the
immediate convulsions and rapid breathing. Five minutes after the animal had laid aside, and
presented, from time to time, slight convulsive movements. A quarter of an hour later, he appeared well.
The same quantity of oil was again applied, and the animal died in two minutes.
In December of 1833 with the assistance of several gentlemen of the medical class, and sometimes in the presence of other
Others, I made some experiments on cats and other animals, with the distilled oil of tobacco.
A small drop of oil has been erased in the language of a big cat. Once the animal made a pitiful
and started shouting foam on his lips.
In 1 minute the students eyes were expanded, and the breathing was laborious. "2-1/2 to do. Vomiting and
staggering. "4 do. Evacuations; screams continued, voice hoarse and unnatural." 5 do. repeated attempts
to vomiting. "7 do. Breathing improved slightly.
At this time, a large drop was rubbed on the tongue. At the moment his eyes were closed, the cries were
stopped, and breathing was suffocative and shaking. In one minute ears were quick convulsive
movement, and now after this, tremors and convulsions of violence, extended body and limbs. In three
one-half minutes, the animal fell on its side and the senseless breathless and the heart stopped beating.
Small tremors of the voluntary muscles, especially in the limbs, is still more or less, for the nineteen
minutes after the animals were dead. Those on the right side was noted to be increasingly affected by thanthose left.
For half an hour after death the body was opened and the stomach and intestines, have been contracted and
firms, with the use of violence and constant muscle spasm of the coat. Lungs were empty and collapsed. Definite article
left side of the heart, aorta and its major branches were loaded with black blood. On the right side of the heart
and two CAV? contains some blood, but not distended. Pulmonary artery, contained only a small
amount of blood. Blood was everywhere liquid.
The cat was the subject of the experiment. In general, the consequences were very similar to those last, except
It may be that oil operate with slightly less energy. This cat was said to have lived for several years,
number almost continuously fumigated with tobacco smoke. In the history of the animals employed in the experiment 1,
was unknown.
Three drops of oil of tobacco had been rubbed on the language of life-size, but the young boy. In an instant
students have been expanded, and the breath of shaking, the animal leaped about as if distracted, and now occupies
two or three fast turns into a small circle, and then fell to the floor in terrible convulsions, and died in
two minutes and forty-five seconds from the time when oil was on the tongue.
In the language of the young and rather less than half the production of a cat, a drop of oil was applied to tobacco. In
Fifteen seconds ears were thrown to the rapid and convulsive movements - thirty seconds of fruitless attempts to
vomiting. In one minute, convulsive breathing, the animal fell on its side. For twenty-four minutes seconds
violent convulsions. After five minutes of breathing and cardiac motion was dismissed. There was no evacuation
in the mouth or otherwise. At the vital powers have been too sudden and too much reduced to admit reaction.
In the tremor, which, after death, subsided in the first parent of limbs, as well as in five minutes over
at all. The muscles were very weak.
At the tip of the nose of mice, a small puncture was made with the surgeon in the needle, bedewed with butter
tobacco. Small animals, with the inclusion of a small amount of poison, fell into violent agitation,
and died after six minutes.
Two drops of the oil had been rubbed in the language of the red squirrel. This animal, as well as athletic to make it
Hard to ensure it long enough to use, at one point engaged in a violent agitation in the
whole body and limbs, and he was absolutely dead and motionless in one minute.
In the language of the dog, and the average size of five drops of oil of tobacco used. In forty-five
seconds, he fell to the side, got up, retched, and then fell. In one minute, breathing is laborious and
pupils were dilated. Two minutes of breathing was slow and weak, with a puffing of the cheeks. In three
minutes, students were less, but is constantly varying. The left leg of the plan and the right hind legs were affected
while convulsions or reflex corresponding to the breathing motion of the chest. This
lasted five minutes, nine minutes.In alimentary evacuation; symptoms decreased, and animals trying to walk. At ten minutes
two drops of oil were applied to the language. Instantly breathing was laborious, with a puffing of the
cheeks; students significantly increased. In convulsive or jerking movements of two limbs there, as before, from time to time
Regularly in the range of approximately two seconds, and corresponding exactly to the inspiration. In twelve
minutes, students were more natural, slight frothing at the mouth, the animal was still lying on its side. At this
time drop of oil was passed into each nostril. Work breathing suddenly increased,
jaws locked.
In twenty-two minutes no material change, and the jaws were separated and five drops of oil were rubbed on
language. In one minute the disciples were fully expanded, with strong convulsions. In one and half
minutes, trying to walk, the animal fell. After three minutes on the eyes rolled up and the cramps continued. In
six minutes, the plica semilunaris so is also to cover half of the cornea. For seven minutes, easy frothing at the
mouth. In the forty minutes of inspiration was less deep, the cramps were unremitted, the strength of
absence. Since that time he was on more than half an hour almost in the same condition, but the number gradually
flooding, and there are no prospects for recovery, he was killed. In this case, fairly apoplectic puffing of
cheeks attended most of the time.