Recipe head Numer seven

At the door of the cabinet looked writer Garros, instantly strelnul stick of the orange boxes unguided Red & White Cigarettes and disappeared. After a minute at the same venue came true Teacher of Truth Abraham Boleslav Poke and extended me as a gift sigarillku Handelsgold with a wooden mouthpiece, but not permanently took the yellow promotional lighters Elvi. Following entered and left the driver Sasha, leaving themselves orange. Orange immediately resigned in exchange for a glass of wine and homemade apple packing matches John Lemon. The sequence of events razveselila me so that sadnyaschaya temples in the head (was this a malignant sadness?), Comparable in severity to a bowling ball pectively sixteen, without conversion became a pleasure Zamjatin seventh. Vykurivaya now before bedtime sigarillku True Teachers Truth, can not fail to note finally that bibliotechke fictionbook.ru quiet lie stories of Abraham Boleslaw "Michelangelo code" and "Pyrotechnik" motif is not something that I am passing, but, here, they are there.


Life, in fact, is similar to dlinnyuschuyu lit cigarette. Or stack of such cigarettes. Bertie one, the second, third, razmenivaesh dozen second, third, fifty kopecks, and when the stack of lead-end and not vedaesh.

Gray weekdays, in fact, similar to the smoke produced. Also fading into nothing and Cascade are not remembered, if not sit in any room and not nakurennom zapisyvaesh in memory.

Memory, in fact, is like a filter. Through the prism of the same smoking-smoking, tleesh-tleesh, but still not all to remember. Indeed:

Memories, in fact, resemble stryahivaemy ashes. Only stryahivaet they are someone else, as if one wants to keep it, give potlet second, third leave at some distance from the filter. Why another? And because:

The man, in fact, it is smouldering coal cigarettes. Marlborough - Maxim. Parliament - Pasha. Red & White Cigarettes - Rex, Adam. Davidoff, LM, Kazbek ... and where I am, I am happy desirable?

Happiness, in fact, seem to separate tightening - when it is near, it does not feel it, and when zatyagivaeshsya full smiling mouth, then try to enjoy them fully, but in the end, did have to produce smoke, and then he and the same color weekdays, envelops you. But after each skurennoy cigarettes begin to appreciate those delays that we have had, those tiny moments of happiness that have left and not returned. You can certainly try to get a new cigarette, but sediment from the old still remain.

Now, in fact, tleyu to filter ash-stryahivayu unnecessary memories appreciate each mini-tightening happiness, which is to kill any cigarette paper and co-fire with it, forget about the smoke-besproglyadnosti, moreover, I continue to play in nikotinozavisimost-CPP.